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Each morning, campers (including LIT1s) participate in three instructions. The camp offers a variety of skill-building instructions, where campers are taught the skills of swimming, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, ropes, climbing wall, arts and crafts, drama, paddle boarding, dance or basketball. Each camper selects four choices, three of which they are registered in. Campers attend the same three instructions for the entire duration of the session. For many returning campers, choosing instructions is one of the most challenging decisions in preparing for camp each summer!

We will make every effort to accommodate campers’ choices, however, please be aware that instructions have limited spaces available.

All first-time campers must take canoeing.

Qualified instructors follow the Canadian Red Cross Aqua Quest Program and Canadian Lifesaving Society Program.

All campers are tested on their swimming ability on arrival day, and those who have chosen this instruction will be placed in their appropriate class level. Parents are asked to provide a photocopy of their child’s most recent level attained. Please note that swimming in a lake is quite different from swimming in a pool, which might have an impact on the child’s swim level chosen. Your child will be put in the most appropriate level, at the discretion of the examiner.

Certain levels may not be offered if there is insufficient enrolment. Bronze Medallion (minimum age 13) and Bronze Cross (minimum age 14 and completion of Bronze Medallion) are only offered during the two-week sessions. These levels will require two morning instructions.

For all water sports, at least Aqua Quest Level 4 and comfort in water are recommended.

All first-time campers take canoeing.

Camp Ekon is a member of the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (ORCA). Campers are progressively led through the parts of the paddle and canoe as well as the basic strokes necessary to safely control the canoe. Emphasis is placed on developing the skills to enjoy a safe canoeing experience.

Kayaking helps to develop campers’ self-confidence and sense of independence. The instruction teaches proper entry, exciting manoeuvres, and the different paddling strokes necessary for the safe and efficient use of the kayak.

This instruction begins with an introduction to the parts of the sailboat and proper use of the sail. Sailing helps to develop self-confidence and teaches teamwork. While on the water, campers are further instructed on the skills of sailing by staff in a motorboat.

Campers are taught the components of the bow and arrow and the proper stance. With an emphasis on safety and respect for the bow and arrow’s power, archery helps the campers develop skills of concentration and focus.

Campers in this instruction are encouraged to develop their basketball skills and knowledge. Campers are taught the basic elements of footwork, dribbling, passing and catching, shooting, and defensive techniques. Teamwork and sportsmanship are emphasized.

The ropes course instruction gives campers the opportunity to develop trust and confidence through a series of group building and personal challenge activities. Low ropes elements develop teamwork and problem-solving skills. Challenge by choice and setting personal goals are promoted. We make use of both the high and low ropes elements during this instruction.

The climbing wall gives campers the opportunity to develop trust and confidence through a series of group building and personal challenge activities. The initial trust games develop teamwork and problem solving skills. Challenge by choice and setting personal goals are emphasized as campers experience various routes on Ekon’s three-story climbing wall.

Using our own mini-theatre with stage, campers are led through a series of activities to develop communication skills, self-confidence, and creativity. This instruction usually culminates in an original presentation performed by the drama students for the entire camp.

This instruction offers a wide exposure to a variety of art activities including beadwork, crafts, painting, candle making, puppetry, modeling clay, and more. Campers are introduced to the elements of design in a fun and creative atmosphere.

At its most basic level, stand-up paddleboarding (often referred to as SUP) refers to standing on a giant surfboard and moving yourself in the water with a long, single ended paddle.

This instruction is an introduction to pottery methods including slab, coil, glazing, and firing. Other 3D sculpture techniques, such as wire sculpture and plaster of paris, are explored. Campers are encouraged to develop their artistic talents as they enjoy creating their own work at one of our pottery wheels in the studio.

Note: This instruction is only offered only in 2-week sessions.

This instruction is perfect if a camper already knows the rules of the game, or is curious to try it. It’s very fast-paced and a ton of fun!

Anything from soccer and ultimate, to basketball and dodgeball. This instruction is offered with sufficient demand and will involve a variety of sports throughout the session.

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