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January 2008

Last July (2007) marked the first year of the Ekon-Riverton Camp and International Leadership Exchange. This exchange was established to:

  1. increase the awareness of social justice among Canadians by providing them with an opportunity to engage in a purposeful way with people in need in Kingston, Jamaica.
  2. provide children in a very needy community called Riverton, Jamaica, respite from their daily life.

Ekon alumni Dave Wiley and Katie Martin traveled to Kingston to work with children in the Riverton community and then brought 20 Riverton children to a camp setting outside of Kingston, where they offered their counseling skills at the 4-day Ekon-Riverton Camp. This camp experience provided the children of Riverton with respite from their daily life, a chance to be children, to swim, play and be involved in community and social conscience building activities. More importantly, this camp gave these children, who had never previously left Riverton, a chance to broaden their horizons and to develop hope for a brighter future.

The International Leadership Exchange consisted of two Jamaican youths coming to Canada in August, to receive leadership training in the LIT1 programme at Camp Ekon. The skills and Ekon philosophies they acquired will assist these young people in their future, back in Jamaica.

We invite Ekon alumni to participate in the Ekon-Riverton Camp in Jamaica this summer (late July '08).

Please address inquires to Meg Doherty ( or Maureen Roe (


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