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Anne Martin Receives the 2009 Camp Ekon Volunteer Recognition Award

March 2009

Anne has been a beloved camp nurse for 14 years. She has involved herself in all aspects of camp life and has even lead a canoe trip. In addition to caring for all the staff and campers Anne has been known to moonlight as "The Chief", enjoy early morning runs on Stanley House Road and enjoy a nice cup of tea after diner.

Anne has been a friend and mentor to countless staff. Although she will not be returning as a camp nurse this summer we know she will always remain part of the Ekon community and we look forward to having her children, Sarah, Megan and Patrick at Camp this summer. On behalf of all the Board members, directors and staff we would like to thank Anne for her outstanding contribution and we wish her well in her new position as a Nurse Practitioner.

"Anne Martin is the reason I became a nurse. She was the first nurse that was skilled at dealing with all the injuries and illnesses that occurred at camp. Her fun loving personality made her easy to be with and we quickly became friends. Through Anne I learned of critical care nursing. She showed me how my Phys. Ed back ground was highly applicable to nursing. Prior to going to nursing school, Anne set me up with a job shadowing position at Sick Kids; this allowed me to see what acute care nursing was all about.

"I now work in a hectic rural emergency department. Anne thanks for being my mentor and helping me to discover a job I LOVE!" - Danielle Martin (Ekon 1994 -2000)


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