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Waterfront Safety

All campers are screened upon arrival by our lifeguards to determine their swimming ability. Nonswimmers are not permitted to register in kayaking instructions. Campers and staff always use the buddy system to tag in and tag out when entering and leaving a designated swimming area. All persons in a non-designated swimming area must wear a life jacket.

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Parents are required to advise the Camp Director if a camper is exposed to an infectious disease within three weeks of arrival date. The parents/guardians of campers who have diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, and life threatening or severe allergies are asked to complete additional protocol forms. Camp Ekon has an anaphylaxis policy. These forms will be mailed upon receipt of the camp medical forms and should be filled out and returned promptly. Asthmatic campers who require puffers are asked to bring two puffers to camp. Camp Ekon has a live-in registered nurse in attendance and a doctor on call. In the event that a camper requires special medical treatment beyond that which is possible at camp, the parents will be notified as soon as possible. Each camper MUST be covered by Ontario Provincial Health Insurance or equivalent. Camp Ekon does not assume responsibility for the cost of prescription medications. Please call the winter office to discuss any diet restrictions or serious health concerns with the Camp Director before submitting the application.

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Camp Supervision and Behavior

Camp staff take great care to provide a physically safe and socially secure environment for youth. A team of five or six counselors work with cabin groups of a maximum size of 22-24. Campers are often grouped in smaller numbers for activities. Two staff, either in or in the immediate proximity of each of the cabins, supervise rest periods. Two staff of the same gender as the campers sleep in separate quarters inside the camper cabin to provide night time supervision. Two staff patrol the camper cabins every 20 minutes from the camper bedtime until the designated hut staff are in their sleeping quarters.

Campers in the Leaders Two program live in staff quarters and are given additional liberties appropriate to their age such as swimming and using watercraft without immediate supervision as long as they are accompanied by a buddy. They are expected to maintain their own schedule and observe a midnight curfew. Campers are expected to observe safety regulations and behaviour guidelines at all times. Campers are asked to respond to minor infractions of camp rules by making an honest acknowledgement of misbehaviour, extending a sincere apology to an offended party and undertaking a constructive remedy. Disciplinary action is intended to provide an opportunity for positive personal growth focusing on the assumption of responsibility for the consequence of misbehaviour. Campers who reject the reasonable controls of the camp or present a hazard to themselves or others will be dismissed from the camp without refund at the discretion of the camp director. CAMP EKON DOES NOT TOLERATE any form of bullying or intimidation. Campers who transgress this policy can expect to meet with the director and are subject to be dismissed without refund at the discretion of the camp director and prevented from registering at Camp Ekon in future years. Campers found to be in possession of alcohol, illegal substances, or other dangerous items, or who transgress sexual boundaries or who are found to be smoking are subject to immediate dismissal without refund. Camp Ekon is a smoke-free environment. All campers including those in the Leadership programs are not allowed to smoke at camp.

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Special Needs Camping

Camp Ekon has no additional cost for special needs campers. In order to provide the best support we can to special needs campers, we do limit enrolment according to available staffing for the given session. We can provide one-on-one supervision as required.

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Tuck & Candy Policy & Life Threatening Food Allergies

We do not operate a "tuck shop" at Camp Ekon nor allow campers to have personal supplies of candy for two main reasons:

In order to avoid differences among campers (and therefore Campers do not need money while at camp)

For the safety and health of the many campers and staff who attend our camp who have Life Threatening Food Allergies to peanuts and other nuts. Camp Ekon is a nut aware community.

If a camper does arrive with any food or candy, it will be collected, checked, and either removed from the property or shared in common.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING A VISIT ON VISITORS' DAY, PLEASE RESPECT THE CAMP'S POLICY, AND DO NOT BRING ANY FOOD THAT MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS. This includes items such as bulk candies, donuts, anything purchased from a bakery — even when the product itself does not have nuts in it. All food brought on site during visitors' day MUST first be checked by a Camp Ekon staff member to ensure its safety before being opened and consumed.

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